Sunday, 1 December 2013

Birmingham Christmas Market

December the 1st, Christmas posts are now officially allowed! Wahoo!

I visited the Christmas Market the other week, armed with my camera to get a few snaps of the festivities. The lights looked so pretty and warming, it's a shame the weather was so cold! 
Here are a selection of my favourites...

Ostrich burger anyone?

Looking down from the top of the new library in the city centre gave this picturesque view of the market.

With a slight height bonus I managed to grab this oldy-worldy view over the craft market towards Victoria Square.

This shot was taken from the new library, standing on the roof where the wheel starts to peep over the balcony.

The market is well worth a visit, particularly in the evenings as the sun sets and Christmas lights come on, it's a very pretty sight to get you in the festive spirits.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Smethwick Canal

So I paid Smethwick Galton Bridge a visit and took some snaps down by the canal. From the train it looked like the area would have a fair chunk of industry surrounding so I was a little disappointed when I first arrived to find there wasn't any. However thankfully the weather was good so I managed to grab a few pretty shots instead.

This image is my favourite by far, I love the depth of field and resulted contrast. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hester's Way: Take Two

This year I am revisiting Hester's Way and looking at developing my project in order to involve the the community further. I made my first visit yesterday to Springbank Community Centre and once I had introduced myself and explained my project I went back out to photograph the surrounding environment.

This shot is a continuation from last years work.

On my next visit I will be taking model release forms so that I can start to capture the people that use the centre and its resources.