Sunday, 24 February 2013


Deco-reco was always going to be a challenge but it was one I fully embraced and ending up doing a lot of work on. Now when you see the two images and compare them please remember that Photoshop is not my strong point.


<- A self portrait from Ways of Looking by Douglas Gordon

My version.

Whilst I realise the angle of the portrait in the original photo of my version doesn't quite line up with portrait used in Gordon's version I'm pleased with my result. The only piece I feel didn't work as strongly as I would have like is the hints of burning paper that can be seen. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Milking Time

Yesterday we returned to Woodlands Farm and visited the dairy. We went to watch the cows being milked this time and I loved it.

Busy working, slight hint of motion in this shot is what I believe makes it work, as it shows the fast movement required to keep up with all of the cows.

A quick portrait in the middle of the job.

This cow was particularly interested in me hovering around the milking parlour taking photos. I love this snap.

I do have more photos to follow, just a few posted here for now as I haven't had time to go through them all. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another Portrait...

So this weekend I had a Hasselblad out of the Uni stores and started to shoot a few portraits with it. The portraits I have shot.. or hopefully shot have not been in the style that my final ones will be as this shoot this weekend was just to get used to using a camera I haven't used before. However, the shots I have got I am very pleased with.

In colour:

This isn't the original, I have edited the tonal range slightly, increasing the magenta present.

In Black and White:

Not only did I push the colour out of this shot, I removed the bags under the eyes present in the above photo.

This image was produced with a reflector on the right hand side of the face, If I were to change it again slightly it would be to add a bit more definition to the left hand side of the face where the light coming from the window is bleached ever so slightly. 

Friday, 8 February 2013


I've been published again this month, however it's somewhere new this time.

Mid Kent College have an excellent Student Magazine, and in their Winter Edition for 2013 they have used one of my images from National Demo 2012 of a group of their students.

Very pleased.

In all honesty I need to scan in copies of Space and the work I've had in their but it just doesnt fit in to my scanner. I'll have to sort something so you can all see. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Woodlands, Visit One.

I don't know if I've mentioned this project before of not, however today myself and four others visited Woodlands Farm, Chedworth to start shooting for our group project based around Dairy Farming. I had an excellent time and learnt a lot whilst I was there, Nigel Finch is a very interesting man to listen to. We spent a good couple of hours at the farm and received an excellent tour of the facilities, giving us chance to start snapping.

Here are a selection of my images:

Lets start with this animal portrait, whilst I am a little gutted that I cut of the edge of the right ear I am pleased with the shot.

A crowd of University students crowding in to the shed was clearly of interest to the cows as they swarmed to the gate. I'm pleased with this shot and the numbers of cows that squashed in for me.

Then of course we need a cute shot of the calves, this shot I think is good for showing hints of the environment behind them without being the focus of the shot.

Whilst this shot came out darker than I would have liked when taking it I am pleased that it has as it just highlights the one cow who is standing with his peeping over the rest of the crowd.

And to finish...
A portrait of Nigel Finch himself, lit with natural light coming through a small window as he talked to us about his job.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


We've got a new module on at Uni now, it's all about portraits. Unfortunately for me, portraits aren't my strong point. I get scared of not being able to manage the light properly and then looking silly in front of the person I am photographing.
So today, in order to start getting over my fear of photographing people I have taken some shots using natural light and with somebody I know.

We started off like this, just stood normally in front of a large window.

I then started to limit the amount of light so there was much less and got this result.

Personally I found this very beneficial and I'm going to try it again soon with the use of reflectors and absorbers of light to see how much difference they make as well.