Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Taksim Square, Istanbul

During my visit to Istanbul I paid a short visit to Taksim Square. Short because I was a little wary of not knowing my way around very well and being on a group trip. However I did manage to grab a few shots whilst I was there.

My visit was during the day whilst the occupancy of the area was peaceful and everyone was having a good time, no rioting.

The square was filled with political messages from all over the world with solidarity from many countries. This shot only shows one side of it and doesn't do much justice as to how full it was.

Heavy machinery wasn't feared as equipment was painted on and some burnt out. 

Left over from the riot the night before, this gas mask was just casually hung on some railings.

Protesters sat sunning themselves and singing songs in the centre of the square.

Graffiti messages were sprayed all over the floor, being walked over by public and protesters.

Viewing the square from the outskirts.

I found the Square a really fascinating place and would have loved to have been a bit braver or to be on my own holiday over there so I could have spent some more time there. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

CVTEC Summer Run

So, on Wednesday evening, Cheshire Vintage Tractor and Engine Club met up for a nice drive round the Cheshire countryside, this time starting and ending in Byley. The run was organises by Phil Moston, and a collection held by Lowes farm was at the end offering all enthusiasts a chance to have a look round. A nice slice of cake was provided before the journey home.

This time though, I have decided to try out a different look with my images of the event. I've used a filter and a vignette. Some of the images I believe work better than others, but this was only an experiment. 

This first image is by far my favourite of the evening, the light is so pretty in it.

My view for most of the evening.




Happy drivers...

All lined up pre-collection viewing.

I didn't take any images at the collection. And the first image on this post is one I am likely to continue playing with as although I like this edit, I think other options could also work really well. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

The Grand Bazaar

Have you seen the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul? Well it's one of those places that is never the same no matter how many times you go. Each day I found something different or discovered a new section to it without meaning to.

Above is my favourite image from the Grand Bazaar - a staff member carrying goods around the market place.

A young adult delivers food to shops in the Bazaar.

Finally a shop owner, sat keeping watch over his goods early morning.

I will be putting more of my images on Flickr and Tumblr so head over there to see more of my work being posted over the weekend.