Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Fair is in Town

The fair has arrived in Cheltenham, all set up at the racecourse. With lots of bright lights and fast moving rides how could I not go along with my camera? I decided to shoot using long shutter speeds and some of the outcomes I got are pretty crazy.

The above two images were created by using the zoom on the lens during the exposure

For this one shot I took the camera off the tripod and circled as the ride went.

I loved shooting the light trails, what do you think?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It's good to be back in Cheltenham again. Lectures started today, but I'm not talking about lectures now. Instead I'm going to show an image I took today on my break between lectures when I went in to town.

Pigeons really scare me but today I plucked up the courage to photograph some.
In the town centre by Starbucks is a little water feature and today the pigeons were using it to bathe in. I climbed up a little way and took a few snaps of the birds at bathtime and this is what I got.

Completely unedited, this was my outcome.

I'm pleased with my shot although I did disturb some of the birds that were flapping about in the puddle of water in the centre of the bowl.