Monday, 26 August 2013

Istanbul Mosques

You remember my trip to Istanbul? Well it's hardly surprising that I'm still working my way through the edits with the amount of photos taken. Tonight we have a selection of mosques that are in the city - all of these photos are take on the European side of the waters.

This mosque, the Blue Mosque, had a fabulous wall of decorative tiles. This image is a photo of one of the old washing wells.

This mosque hung the Turkish flag across the street, joining to the building over the road.

The detail over this doorway was very pretty, yet doesn't come across overly well on the image. I do though, like the shape of the shadows created.

All mosques have towers like this one, usually at least two. Men used to climb up, stand on the balconies and sing from them at the time of a call for prayer. Nowadays microphones/megaphones are used.

This photograph looks through an internal courtyard of a mosque, just as prayers are starting.

This mosque I found most fascinating, originally built as a mosque, it then became a Christian Church before being abandoned. It has now been restored back to a mosque.

I have a video on my phone of an evening prayer call, when I figure out how to upload from my phone I will.